Balance the Champagne – New Year Party Game

Things Required 1/2 or 3/4 filled glasses of Champagne for each group How To Play Divide the players into group of 4,6 or 8. Mark a starting line and finishing line. Half of the group will stand at the starting point and half group at the finishing line. Give one half filled or 3/4  glass of champagne to each group. The game is that the player has to  balance the glass on their palm without closing their fingers. One player {Read More}

Movie Dhamaka of 2015 – New Year Party Game

Things Required One set of slips with movie names released in this calendar year for eg. Dilwale, Drishyam etc. One set of slips with lyrics of songs of these movies for eg. (Dilwale-Duniya bhula ke tumse mila hoon Nikli hai dil se ye duaa,Rang de tu mohe Gerua), (Drishyam -Ghutta hai dum dum…. ghutta hai Dukhta hai dil dukhta hai) etc. How To Play Keep all the slips in one bowl. Let everyone take one slip. As the time starts, {Read More}

What & When Of 2015 – New Year Party Game

Things Required A list of events held during the last calendar year How To Play Make a list of events held during the last calendar year. These events can be from any field i.e political, sports, entertainment, science and technology, business etc. The players have to guess in which month these events took place for eg. In which month Delhi State Elections held? In which month a massive earthquake hit Nepal and parts of North India? In which month International {Read More}

Fun With Cards And Spoons – New Year Party Game

Things Required Spoons as per the no. of players 1-2Deck of cards How To Play Keep spoons one less than the numbers of players in the middle of the table for eg. keep 7 spoons if 8 players are playing the game. All the players have to sit around the spoons. If the players are more than 4 then take 2 deck of cards. Shuffle the deck of cards and give each player four cards and place the rest of {Read More}

New Year Acronyms – New Year Party Game

Things Required Write some New Year themed acronyms on a paper as below and get the same photocopies as per the no. of players H.N.Y.W.F.Y.A.Y.F H.A.L.A.W 2016 H.A.B.N.Y H.S.N.Y H.365 D.O.N.Y. H.A.P.N.Y C.F.A.H.N.Y H.N.Y.T.M.D.W S.A.W.T.N.Y. G.B.A.W 2016 W.Y.A.H.P.A.S.N.Y W.Y.A.G.Y A 2016 How To Play Give one sheet and pen to all the players and they must try to guess the full  form of New Year Acronyms for eg. G.M.A.H.N.Y – Good Morning And Happy New Year Time limit is one {Read More}

Icebreak The Candies – New Year Party Game

Things Required Lot of candies or gems A list of ice breakers How To Play Let all the couples sit together. Give 10 candies to each couple. The game is that the host will say some ice breakers and the couple who fits in that will have to eat one candy. The ice breakers can be : The one who is having a green purse, The one who is having a daughter older than 15 years, The couple who are {Read More}

Vodka Race – New Year Party Game

Things Required Bottle of Vodka Vodka glasses A spoon One tray How To Play Keep the bottle of vodka, six vodka  glasses,a spoon in the tray and give it to the player. As the time starts, the player has to fill the glasses with vodka by using a spoon. The first one to do so, should stand up and tap his or her glasses with spoon. The twist is that vodka should not be spilled in the tray otherwise he {Read More}

Let’s Play Karaoke – New Year Party Game

Things Required Karaoke set How To Play List out some popular old and new funny songs for ex. Eena Meena Deeka, Hum Thi Woh Thi, Hum Kaale Hai To Kya Hua,Bade Miyan Deewane Aise Na Bano, Dhink Chika dhink chika,  Pak chik pak, Chinta Ta Ta Chinta etc. Write them  on a slip and put them in a bowl. Divide the players in groups and ask any one member of each group to pick one slip. Ask that group to {Read More}

Group Yourself – New Year Party Game

Things Required Music to play How To Play The game is that all the guests who are participating have to form groups when the music stops. As the music stops, the host will call out a number which will be between 2 to 10. When the number is called out all the guests must try to form a group by holding their hands as per the number. The guests who are not in any group will be out of the {Read More}

New Year Resolution – Party Game

Things Required Pen and Paper for every players How To Play Give paper and pen to every player. As the time starts, tell everybody to write some funny innovative New Year Resolution alongwith their name on the paper. Time limit is one minute. As the time is over, everybody  has to put their resolution  in a basket kept on the table. Anybody from the party can start reading the resolutions one by one. The resolution which raises the maximum laughter {Read More}