Bolloywood Color Songs – One Minute Game

Things Required Paper Chits One bowl Paper/pen How To Play Write different colors White, Black, Red, Green & Blue on five paper chits. Make 2-3 sets of chits according to the no. of  players. Fold the chits and put them in a bowl. Give paper and pen to all the players. Every couple will take one chit from the bowl. The game is that all the couples need to write down songs with that color which is written on the {Read More}

Bollywood Couples – One Minute Game

Things Required Small red heart shape paper chits One empty bowl How To Play Write names of  on 10-15 bollywood couples on heart shaped paper chits. For example Saif-Kareena, Akshay-Twinkle, Ajay-Kajol, Rishi-Neetu etc. Write name of bollywood actor on one chit and actress on another Fold all the chits and put them in the bowl Also fold some blank chits and mix them in the same bowl Each player gets a turn to pick chits and make maximum set of couples Time limit {Read More}

Roses All Over -One Minute Game

Things Required A basket full of red roses How To Play Let the male partner stand with hands stretched out straight. Give a basket full of red roses to female partner. The game is that female partners have to keep as many red roses as she can on male’s partner body parts for eg. his head, shoulders, hands, ear etc. Roses fell down on the ground will not be counted. Time limit is one minute. Winner Couple with male partner balancing maximum roses on his {Read More}

Pin The Heart – One Minute Game

Things Required Red heart shape paper cut outs Safety pins or allpins How To Play Buy red heart paper cut outs from the market or cut mini hearts from red paper. Give 15 red hearts paper cut outs and safety pins to each female partner. They have to put them on the shirt of their male partner with the help of safety pins. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who is able to complete the task either in {Read More}

Churiwala – One Minute Couple Game

Things Required Bangles of 6 different colors An empty tray Dice Table How To Play Mark a line at ~7-8 feet from the table Mix all the bangles in the tray and keep the tray on the table Assign a bangle color to each dice number. For example Red to 1, Yellow to 2 and so on Give the dice to each couple one by one and ask them to stand at the line As the time starts, female partner has to roll {Read More}

National Events – One Minute Game

Things Required Photocopy of the sheet as below (as per no. of participants) Pen/pencil How To Play Write some national important dates and the events which the nation holds every year on that day either in jumbled way or just the events against which they have to write the dates on a paper for ex. National Navy day – 4th December, National Airforce day -8th October, Indian Army Day -15th January Teacher’s day – 5th September, National Sports Day 29th {Read More}

Tricolor Bangles – One Minute Game

Things Required Bangles of 3 different colors (Orange, White & Green) One big basket How To Play Mix all the tricolor bangles and mix them in the basket. Player has to make a set of tricolor bangles ie. 2 bangles of each color. They have to wear as many sets as they can in their hands. Time limit is one minute Winner Player who is able to wear maximum sets wins!!

Basant Panchami Quiz – One Minute Game

Things Required Write some questions on a paper related to Basant Panchami  and get it photocopied as per the number of players which are as below. Pen/pencil for every participant What is the other name of Basant Panchami? Which Goddess is worshipped on this day? In which part of the country Festival of Kites is observed on this day? Which Goddess is worshipped as goddess of wisdom and knowledge? Basant Panchami represents which color? Who gave the boon to goddess {Read More}

Merigold Flower Garden – One Minute Game

Things Required A basket full of Merigold flowers Toothpicks 15″x15″ Thermocol sheets as per no. of players How To Play Give flowers, toothpicks and thermocol sheet to each player The player has to make a flower garden. They have to stick one flower in one toothpick and then fix it in the thermocol sheet. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who fixes the maximum flowers to make a neat garden wins!!        

Balloon Word Search – One Minute Game

Things Required 40-50 Yellow Balloons How To Play Blow yellow color balloons and make two sets each of six balloons. Write the letters to spell out the word B-A-S-A-N-T on each of the six balloons. Write any other alphabets on other balloons. Mix all the balloons and keep them in one room. One by one the players will go inside the room and find out the balloons with letters that spell ‘BASANT’. Time limit is one minute. Winner The one {Read More}