Candy & Dice Bingo

Things Required One basket full of candies One dice One bowl filled with slips of playing instructions  some of which can be as follows: Take a candy from the player sitting on your left Take a candy from the player you like the most Give one candy to the player who is wearing black Take two more candies from the host Leave all your candies back in the bowl Give three candies to any two players you like the most {Read More}

Fun With Shapes – One Minute Party Game

Things Required  Pen and paper for each player How To Play  Give pen and paper to each players. Tell them to write as many things or objects as they can against each shape on given paper for eg. Square – floor tile, carom board, hanky, etc. Rectangle – T,V, table, mattress, bricks, door etc. Triangle – nachos, pyramid, softy cone etc. Circle – car wheel, sun, moon, ball etc. Oval – egg, mirror, rugby ball etc. Time limit is one {Read More}

Frozen T-Shirt – Party Game

Things Required Player’s T-shirts How To Play Ask all the players to send their t-shirts one day before the party or old t-shirts can be used. The host will soak them in water so that they can absorb more water. Flatten all the t-shirts and fold them as small as possible and freeze them. Line up the players and give their t-shirts to wear. As the t-shirts are frozen so it becomes harder to wear. The players can use whatever {Read More}

Hot Or Cold – Party Game

Things Required An object to hide or the prize How To Play Divide the players into pairs or couples can also play. Either of the players will hide one objects or prize in the party hall. After hiding, the second partner will come in the room and start searching as per the guidance given by the other partner. The other partner will guide by using words ‘hot’ and cold’ for ex. If your partner is not at all near to {Read More}

Explore Your Birthday – Party Game

Things Required 31 chits with dates written on them from 1 to 31 One bowl How To Play Make thirty one chits with nos. 1 to 31 written on it. Put all the chits in a bowl. The game is to be played in rounds In every round player has to take out three chits. If the player has taken out the chit on which  her birthday falls, can play the next round otherwise  will be considered out. Winner The {Read More}

Alphabet Funda – One Minute Paper Game

Things Required Pen/pencil Photocopy of the sheet with following questions based on alphabets Which alphabet is a question? Which alphabet is an insect? Which alphabet is a part of our body? Which alphabet is a tool? Which alphabet is a drink? Which alphabet is a source of salt? Which alphabet is a vegetable? Which alphabet is in geometry box? How To Play Give one pen and photocopied sheet with above questions to each player. Each player have to write the answers. Time limit {Read More}

Pencils Flakes – One Minute Party Game

  Things Required One pack of coloured pencils for each pair Sharpner Glue Paper How To Play  Give one pack of colored pencil, sharpener and glue to each player. The players have to sharp the different color pencils and make different color flowers with the help of pencil flakes. Time limit is one minute. Winner Player who is able to make maximum flowers wins!!

Fun With Riddles – One Minute Paper Game

Things Required Pen/pencil Photocopies of sheet with below fun riddles Name a fruit which tells the man to go? Name a table which you cannot eat? Name a fruit which in hindi means to build? Name the rain where we can sit? Name the gate through which you cannot enter? Name a non-living object which moves with its three hands and it is found in every house? I am a Vegetable, three letters in the name,take away two and I {Read More}

Rain Rain Go Away – One Minute Paper Game

Things Required Pen/pencil Photocopies of sheet with below rain game Rain rain go away come back another day ! Not going away No Problem, just fill in the blanks with one or two letters each and drive the rain way! _____rain I am something edible, _____rain I take you places, _____rain I am dirty but essential, _____rain I am force of influence that puts pressure, _____rain I am inside the head _____rain I cause an injury to a joint How {Read More}

Bollywood Equations – One Minute Paper Game

Things Required Pen/pencil Photocopies of sheet with below bollywood movie equations Ab tak __ + __ tha Tiger = __  __ Villain x Table no. __ = __  __ Patti + Do aur do __ = __ Coolie no. __ + Hero no. __ – Biwi no. __ = __ Chachi __ + __ Kaliyan = __ Woh __ din x __ dooni chaar = __ Taxi no. __ + K __ G = __ __ Idiots x __ States = {Read More}