Colorful Idioms – One Minute Game

Things Required Paper and pen How To Play Give paper and pen to all the players. Ask them to write the idioms that has color in it. For example: kala akshar bhais barabar, dhoop mei bal safed karna, gueese mei lal pila hona, safed jhoot bolna, dal mei kuch kala, sunera mooka milna, neeli chatri wala, Boodhi ghodi laal lagaam, Sharma ke maare laal hona, Buri nazar wale tera munh kaala etc. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player {Read More}

Love Compatibility Check – Couple Party Game

Things Required A rose and a chocolate Two Chairs A list of questions to be asked How To Play Make the couple sit back to back on the chairs. Give one rose to both of them in one hand and one chocolate in the other hand. (The host can give any other thing of his choice also). Now the host will ask them questions and they have to answer by raising one of their hands. If the answer to questions {Read More}

Guess The Movie – One Minute Game

Things Required Photocopies of the paper as below. Pen/Pencil How To Play Write English translation of some romantic Bolloywood movies. The players have to guess the name of the movie. The common word in all the movies is the word “Dil” Time limit is one minute. I’ve given away my heart My heart is crazy Straight from the heart My heart doesn’t listen to me Let my heart beat Want to stay in your heart The big hearted will take {Read More}

Matka Jatka Test – Couple Party Game

Things Required Two 10 feet high poles A decorated rope Different colored clay pots Lock and key One 5 ft long wooden stick How To Play Fix the two poles say 15 feet apart and tie a rope between them. Hang different color clay pots randomly on the rope . Mark a starting point say 10 feet from the poles. Tie the female partner hands with ropes and a lock. Tell him the color of the pot in which the {Read More}

Tambola With A Twist – Couple Party Game

Things Required Tambola board and token 6 Paper chits 2 Bowls How To Play Give one tambola board  and tokens kept in a bowl to one couple. Write the following on six paper chits : 1-15  Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji 16-30 Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, 31-45 Hum Tumare Hai Sanam, 46-60 Kya Cool Hai Hum, 61-75 Teri Meri Kahani , 76-90 Buddha Mil gaya Fold the chits and put them in a bowl. The couples have to take out {Read More}

Couple Dance – Valentine Party Game

Things Required Six paper chits One bowl Pen Music How To Play Write Propose, Hug, Engagement, Kiss, Marriage & Honeymoon on six paper chits Fold the chits and put them in the bowl Assign one dance move to each of the 6 chits As the music starts all the couples have to start dancing As the music stops they have to get into any one of the above dance moves The host will now pick one slip from the bowl and {Read More}

Basant Panchami Quiz – One Minute Game

Things Required Write some questions on a paper related to Basant Panchami  and get it photocopied as per the number of players which are as below. Pen/pencil for every participant What is the other name of Basant Panchami? Which Goddess is worshipped on this day? In which part of the country Festival of Kites is observed on this day? Which Goddess is worshipped as goddess of wisdom and knowledge? Basant Panchami represents which color? Who gave the boon to goddess {Read More}

Button Biryani – One Minute Party Game

Things Required 6-7 Designs of yellow buttons (10 button each design) One Bowl filled with rice How  To Play Mix 6-7 designs of yellow buttons i.e. 10 buttons of each design in a bowl filled with rice. The player has to choose one design. The player has to find that particular design buttons  from the bowl. The twist of the game is that players  should not spill the rice out of the bowl while finding the buttons otherwise they will {Read More}

Yellow Musical Drawing – One Minute Game

Things Required Drawing sheet and yellow sketch pen or yellow crayon How To Play Give one drawing sheet and sketch pen or yellow crayon to every one. The game is that they have to draw or sketch some yellow things for eg. lemon, sunflower, banana, papaya, ladoo, sun, corn, mango etc. They have to write the names also below the picture. Time limit is one minute. Winner The player who draws maximum things neatly wins!!

Fun With Yellow Stones – One Minute Party Game

 Things Required Yellow color One big pot filled with water Yellow color flower petals Some yellow and different color stones How To Play Mix the yellow color in water in a big pot with some yellow color flower petals. Put some yellow and different colored stones in it. The player have to  put their hand in the water and take out yellow stones as many as possible. Time limit is one minute or give three chances to put their hands {Read More}