Maa Ka Aanchal – Is That All A Baby Need?

I saw this post floating on Facebook and it took me a while to sink in that people can even think like this..!! First thing that came to my mind was “How ridiculous is that?”  Does all a baby really need is an aanchal? Does it mean that woman wearing jeans can’t sooth her child or bring him/her up in best possible way? And how about that extra sum of money that some of those jeans wearing women bring home {Read More}

An Innovative Way To Declare Your Pregnancy

So finally the day came and we got to know that we are expecting a new member in our small family. I & my husband were very much eager to disclose this to rest of the family members. But we didn’t want to do it in traditional manner of just telling them that we are on family way. We gave it a little thought and came up with this wonderful idea of creating medals for each one of the family {Read More}

Women – The Change Agents Of Society

Let’s face it upfront – all traditions in Indian society are women centric. Women all alone are the torch bearers of all the traditions in our society. Be it the tradition of fasting for spouses/children or the tradition of cooking a sumptuous meal on festival – it is always the women who need to put in efforts to keep the tradition going. They need to even dress in a particular manner in the name of family tradition and the often {Read More}

Chapter 7: The First Day & Night

Previously: Chapter 6 – Welcome To Our World..!! News of arrival of our baby had spread and it was time to receive congratulatory messages on phone. Many friends and family members came over to hospital to visit including surprise visit by my elder sister from Hyderabad. This time another guessing game started- who does she look like -I or my hubby? Some said she is my carbon copy while others claimed that she is just like my hubby. Some thought {Read More}

Chapter 6 – Welcome To Our World..!!

Previously: Chapter 5 – SOS Baby Is Here…!! I was shifted to a recovery room after the operation. I felt numbness in my lower half and was bored staring at the ceiling when suddenly I saw my hubby entering the room. He looked as tired as I was. It seemed as if he had gone through the same pain as I. He hugged me and beaming with happiness exclaimed that we have a little beautiful daughter now! He showed me {Read More}

Chapter 5 – SOS Baby Is Here!!

Previously: Chapter 4 – Few days Before The D-Day When I got up the next morning, I felt that some fluid had leaked. I changed my undergarments but those got wet again. I put on a sanitary pad and told my hubby and mother-in-law (who had arrived by now, to offer a helping hand). My mother-in-law found it unwise to wait and asked me to call my Gynecologist. I explained the situation to my Gynecologist and she asked me to {Read More}

Chapter 4 – Few days Before The D-Day

  Previously: Chapter 3 – Those 9 Months The last visit to the Gynecologist turned out to be very disappointing for me. How can the date of my baby’s arrival be so professionally fixed? How come I will not have the fantasized Bollywood style delivery when I will wriggle in pain and my husband will rush me to hospital 😉 Add to all this the realization that my chances of having a normal delivery are almost zero. I took getting {Read More}

Chapter 3 – Those 9 Months

Previously: Chapter 2 – Visit to Gynecologist & Baby heartbeat On Monday, I told my manager that I can go to US for 2 months instead of 3 and my manager willingly altered my travel plan. With my SOS medicines and wishes of my family I left for US. My colleague, to whom I had told the whole story, took good care of me during travel. Taking my huge luggage off the conveyor belt to putting it in overhead bin {Read More}

Chapter 2 – Visit to Gynecologist & Baby heartbeat

Previously: Chapter 1 – Feeling Pregnant Immediately after coming back from vacation I went to the local hospital to meet the Gynecologist. She took my last period dates, how long have I been married and asked about home test results and as if confirming my pregnancy exclaimed “Congratulations! Stop wearing tight clothes, no alcohol, no sex, and no lifting heavy objects. Eat healthy food and here are a few additional pills. All the best- you may come tomorrow for an {Read More}

Chapter 1 – Feeling Pregnant

Previously: Preface to a journey of motherhood I would start from the day I missed my periods and a home pregnancy test confirmed that I was indeed pregnant. Well as read in story books or seen in Bollywood I neither jumped with joy nor did my hubby lift me in his arms!! After the early morning urine test in cold month of December, I went back to my half asleep hubby in the cozy quilt and announced with an element {Read More}