Currency Tambola – Party Game

Things Required  Tambola board and tokens Regular tambola tickets Pen/pencil One dice Prize money in form of either Rs.10/- or Rs. 20/- currency notes How To Play Keep the prize money in form of Rs. 10 or Rs.20 currency notes for each dividend like early 5, corners, rows, and full houses. Give one tambola ticket to each player Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has {Read More}

The Slang Queen – One Minute Game

Things Required Pen/Pencil Photocopies of sheet with below internet slangs: Lol Rofl OMG Btw FYI YOLO BRB SD BFF WTH  ATM ASAP LMAO IDK G2G How To Play Give one pen and photocopied sheet to each player They have to write down the full form of these internet slangs Time limit is one minute Correct answers are Laugh out loud Rolling on the Floor laughing Oh my God By the way For your information You only live once Be right back {Read More}

Match The Broken Eggs – Easter Game

Things Required Get the printouts of Broken Egg How To Play Cut the printout of broken egg into half Write the words either with the same meaning or opposite meaning on both halves like front/back, win/lose,soft/hard,rich/poor,big/large,buy/purchase etc. Mix all the halves and put it on the table upside down Player has to find the matching halves of the egg such that words make the intended pair Time limit is one minute Winner Player who is able to match the maximum broken eggs wins!!

Score The Eggs – Easter Game

Things Required ~8-10 Eggs Any two colors How To Play Color the eggs such that half eggs are of one color and another half of second color Draw two lines at a distance of ~10 feet Line up the eggs of each color on both the lines Divide all the players in two teams and ask them to decide their color Ask all the players to line up next to the line of their chosen egg color As the time {Read More}

Chak De India Tambola – Republic Day Game

Things Required Print out of the below image as per the number of participant Write numbers randomly in each of the circles with a pen as on a tambola ticket as above. Tambola boards and tokens. How To Play Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number. If the number exists on the player’s printout, he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board. Instead of keeping early {Read More}

Fun With Yellow Stones – One Minute Party Game

 Things Required Yellow color One big pot filled with water Yellow color flower petals Some yellow and different color stones How To Play Mix the yellow color in water in a big pot with some yellow color flower petals. Put some yellow and different colored stones in it. The player have to  put their hand in the water and take out yellow stones as many as possible. Time limit is one minute or give three chances to put their hands {Read More}

Popcorn Toss – Lohri Party Game

Things Required 3-4 deep  bowls One bowl full of popcorns How To Play Place the bowls in a vertical line or in triangle shape. Players will  stand on a designated line and toss popcorn into the bowls. Award some points to each bowl but do not tell the points to the player otherwise the player will try to throw the popcorn in the bowl with highest points. Time limit is one minute. Add up their scores according to how much {Read More}

Pin The Nose On Rudolph – Christmas Party Game

Things Required A big poster of  Rudolph Small red circles of paper Double sided tape or glue. A cloth to blind fold the players How To Play Fix the large poster of Rudolph on the wall. Give each participant the red circles with double sided tape or glue. Blindfold the player revolve him/her 3 times and ask to pin the nose on Rudolph. Winner The person who will be able to pin the nose properly or the closest on the Rudolph wins.

6 Games For Christmas Party

1.Sparkle Your Jingle Bell Draw jingle bells on the craft/chart paper and then cut them.  Give one bell and some decoration things like ribbon, color pencils, glitters, designer tapes etc. to decorate their bells.  Time limit is 2 minutes.  As the time is over, keep all the bells on the table and a jar of candies. The twist of the game is that everyone has to keep candies on the bells as their vote mark.  They can keep either 1,2,3 {Read More}

30 Tambola Games – 30 Tambola Tickets

Way back in 2014, when we were thinking how to celebrate Ladies Kitty’s 2nd Birthday and engage with our readers, a crazy idea came to our mind. We decided to publish one new tambola game every day for entire birthday month i.e. 30 Days. It was challenging to come up with a unique ticket everyday but we did it…!! We published 30 Tambola Games in 30 Days. Needless to say, we felt accomplished and our fans enjoyed it too. Today {Read More}