Raise Your Hands – Couple Party Game

Things Required A list of statement as given below How To Play The couple have to raise their hands after listening to a statement which the host has announced. The statements can be : The couple who can show me the most pictures of the two of them together, The couple  wearing the most gifts given to them by their spouse, The couple who had the shortest honeymoon, The couple who got  married on Sunday or on a national  holiday, {Read More}

Don’t Say It – Group Party Game

Things Required Chocolate Bars – 4 each as per the no. of players How To Play Give four bars of chocolate to every guest as they arrive. Tell all your guests not to say ‘a particular word’ during the party. The host should choose a word that is likely to come up in conversation often. That word can be either commonly used in our day today life or as per the theme of the party for eg. in kitty party {Read More}

Wedding Rituals – Party Game

Things Required List of ceremonies held during indian wedding How To Play Make a list of ceremonies which takes place during Indian wedding for eg. Roka, ring ceremony,sagan, haldi and mehandi, ladies sangeet, chudra ceremony, dwar rukwai, ribbon cutting, tilak of dulha, jaimala, sat phere, kanyadaan, juta chupai, bidai, welcome of new bride, play  kangna with milk and rose petals etc. The host will read out the list before starting the game. Give paper and pen to all the players. {Read More}

Couple In Focus – Anniversary Party Game

Things Required Paper Chits Pen/Pencil Bowl to carry chits How To Play This game is specially designed to be played on wedding anniversary parties where everyone will be giving funny answers for the couple. Create fun chits by writing questions as below: Agar couple ice-cream hota toh app unhe kaun se naam se bulate? Agar couple vegetable hota toh app unhe kaun se naam se bulate? Agar couple fruit hota toh app unhe kaun se naam se bulate? Agar couple cosmetic hota toh app unhe kaun {Read More}

10 Games For Wedding Anniversary Party

  1.Anniversay Tambola Game A fun tambola game in which participants have to match number from their tambola tickets in the given tambola sheet. Check out more about Anniversary Tambola Game 2.Propose Your Partner A fun couple party game in which each couple has to propose their partner in the most romantic way.Check out more about Propose Your Partner 3.Saat Phere A fun couple party game specially where the couple has to do marriage rituals like jaimala,saat pherea etc.Check out {Read More}

Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

There is a saying that Marriages are made in heaven whether it is an arranged marriage or a love marriage. Once married, then comes the wedding anniversary where couples celebrate their love and commitment for each other. The thought that you have spent a long span of your life with a person you love itself gives you a warm and contended feeling.  During these years the couple have seen many joyful, victory and sorrow moments but they stood by each {Read More}

15 Gift Ideas For Wedding Anniversary

Marriage is an institution where two people learn a lot about relationships. This is a very strong as well as fragile relationship & it is very important to maintain the spark. Gifts are a reason to rejuvenate your feelings for each other. It is just a way to tell each other that you are really special for me. So the anniversary gifts must be very special. Here we have compiled a list of wedding anniversary gift ideas for your life {Read More}