Chocolate Tambola Game

chocolate tambola ticketThings Required

  • Tambola board & tokens
  • Pen/pencil
  • Take print outs of below image as per the number of participants. (You can optionally use regular tambola tickets)
  • chocolate tambola ticket
  • Chocolates for  prizes as per below game

How To Play

  • Caller needs to pick up a token randomly and call the number.
  • If the number exists on the player’s ticket,  he/she has to strike it as well as caller has to place the token on the board.
  • All the numbers with numeric 1  for eg. 1, 10,11-19,21,31 etc are cut, players have to say ‘Comfort in every bar is  Bar One’.
  • All the numbers from 1 to 45,  players have to say – ‘Have a break, have a Kitkat’.
  • All the numbers from 46 to 90, players have to say – ‘I love Cadbury’s Dairy Milk’.
  • For early 5, players have to say – ‘Five star makes a light snack’.
  • For every row, players have to say ‘Chocolate candies melts in mouth, not in hands’.
  • For Full house, players have to say ‘Amul Chocolates – The Taste of India’.
  • Game ends when all the prizes are successfully claimed.

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