Chor Police – Childhood Party Game

chor police

Things Required

  •  Small blank slips of paper as per the no. of players
  • One slip with Chor and one slip with Police written on it.

How To Play 

  • Make small slips as per the no. of players.
  • Write Chor on one slip and Police on another slip.
  • Leave rest of the slips blank.  Put all the slips in a bowl.
  • Everybody should take one slip from the bowl.
  • Each player will open,see the chit and close the chit again .
  • Now the player who is having Police chit will guess who is having Chor slip.
  • If his guess is write the player having Chor slip is Out and if his guess is wrong the player having Police slip is Out.
  • Take out one blank slip before starting the next round.
  • Resume the game again.


  • The  two players who plays till the end are the winners.

You can also play this game by giving some points ie. if the guess is write that player will be given 100 points and if the guess is wrong -50 points. Note down the points on a paper.   The players with the maximum points are the winners.

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