Churiwala – One Minute Couple Game

one minute party game

Things Required

  • Bangles of 6 different colors
  • An empty tray
  • Dice
  • Table

How To Play

  • Mark a line at ~7-8 feet from the table
  • Mix all the bangles in the tray and keep the tray on the table
  • Assign a bangle color to each dice number. For example Red to 1, Yellow to 2 and so on
  • Give the dice to each couple one by one and ask them to stand at the line
  • As the time starts, female partner has to roll the dice
  • Male partner has to run to the table, get bangles as per the number on dice and put them in female partner’s hands
  • For example if dice shows 2, he has to get 2 yellow bangles
  • Time limit is one minute


Couple with female partner wearing maximum bangles wins!!

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