Color The Santa Claus – Christmas Party Game

chrismas party gameThings Required

  • Photocopies of Santa Claus sketch as given above
  • Color pen or pencils
  • One Dice

How To Play

  • Give one photocopy and colors to the players.
  • Assign the colors to each number on dice. For example
    1. 01 – color the cap of Santa claus
    2. 02 – color the clothes of Santa claus,
    3. 03 – color the beard of Santa Claus,
    4. 04 – Color the gift bag of Santa Claus
    5. 05 – color the shoes of Santa Claus
    6. 06 – Color the gloves of Santa Claus.
  • Let all the players sit in a circle.
  • The game is that one by one they have to throw the dice.
  • According to the no. of dice they have to color the picture.
  • For ex. If it is 4 then they have to color the gift bag.
  • Then the next player will throw the dice and color his picture.
  • In case the same number comes in the next round then players do not have to do anything.
  • Wait for the next couple of rounds and complete the drawing.


The players who is able to color the santa claus picture at the earliest wins.

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