Color Your Ganpati – Ganesh Chaturthi Party Game


Things Required

  • Sketch of Ganpati as per no. of players
  • Drawing colors
  • A dice

How To Play

  • Give one sketch of Ganpati and drawing colors to all the players.
  • All the players will sit in a circle.
  • The players have to color the sketch as per the no, which has come  on their  dice.
  • As the game starts, the first player will roll the dice and will color the sketch as follows
  1. For no.1 the player have to color the ears
  2. For  no.2 they have to color  the legs,
  3. For no.3 they have to color the hands,
  4. For no.4 they have to color the trunk of Ganpati
  5. For no.5  they have to color the necklace of Ganpati
  6. For no.6 they have to color the mukut and  put a red color tikka on forehead.
  • The players will keep on rolling the dice in the circle and will color the sketch  as per their nos.
  • If the player gets the same no. for which he has  already colored the sketch, then they have to pass on the dice to the next player and wait for the next chance.
  • The one who is able to color his/her Ganpati  at the earliest wins.


  1. Sangita Garg says:

    Liked the theme very much


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