Colorful Bangles – One Minute Game

This game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Vanshika Nanda. Thanks to her for sharing such a fun game with us.

Colorful_Bangles_One_Minute_Party_GameThings Required

  • Different color bangles (Minimum 15 bangles of 5 colors each)
  • One Dice
  • Bowl

How To Play

  • Keep all the bangles in a bowl.
  • Now one of the player will roll the dice and if dice shows 1, player has to wear one color bangle in thumb and if it shows 2 then player has to wear two bangles of same color (different from 1) in next finger and so on.
  • If dice shows 6, player has to drop all the bangles in the bowl and try again.
  • Time limit is one minute


Whoever puts different color bangles in all the fingers but same color bangles in same finger in one minute will be the winner.

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