Balloon Race – Couple Party Game

Bursting Ballons - Couple Party Game, part game, kitty party game, couple party gameNumber of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as couples

Things required

  • Balloons as per no. of couples participating

How to Play

  • This game can be played outdoor or in a big hall
  • Draw a startingĀ  line and an ending line
  • Give one balloon to all the couples
  • All couples have to keep the balloon between their backs and hold their hands
  • The couple cannot touch the balloon
  • One person shall be facing the start line and the other will be facing the end line
  • At the blow of the whistle the couple have to start moving/running towards the finishing line without dropping or bursting the balloon.


Couple who reaches first at the finishing line with balloon is the winner.

That’s a romantic game, I must say. Won’t you agree? šŸ˜‰

Well, this game can be played with kids as well on any occassion. All you need to do is to divide them in pairs. Do play this game with your friends, kids & colleagues and let us know your experience.

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