Lemon & Spoon Race-Couple Party Games

Let's PlayNumber of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction,as many as couples

Things required

  • Lemon & Spoon as per the no. of couples

How to Play

  • This game can be played outdoor or in a big hall
  • Draw a starting¬† line and a ending line
  • Give Lemon to husband and spoon to the wife or vice versa
  • Husband will stand at the finishing line holding the lemon
  • Wife will stand at the starting line with spoon
  • At the blow of the whistle the wife will start moving/running towards the finishing line holding the spoon in her mouth and grab the lemon from her husband
  • Wife will return to the starting line with lemon kept in the spoon and holding the same in her mouth without dropping the lemon


Couple who has completed the race first wins.


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