Create A Birthday Line – Team Building Game

Team building activity

Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction. Good to have a group of 10-30 folks.

Things Required


How To Play

  • Ask all the participants to arrange themselves in a line according to their birthdate.
  • Trick is that they should not speak. They can only use sign language using their hands.
  • First they should try to arrange by year, then by month and then by date.
  • For instance if more than one participants have birthday in same month, they should re-arrange by date.
  • Time limit can be kept based on number of participants. One minute for 7-8 players.


If there is more than one team then whoever creates the birhtday line first is the winner.


  • If there are more people, you can make teams.
  • A good way to re-arrange players is that each team should choose their leader.


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