Create Words From Car Number – Party Game

wordsThings Required

  • One bowl to be kept at the entrance
  • Pen and paper for making chits

How To Play

  • As the guests starts pouring in the party, give one pen and a small chit to them and ask them to write their car registration number on it and put it in the bowl placed at the entrance.
  • Divide the guests into teams with 8-10 participants each.
  • As the time starts, one participant  from that team has to pick one chit from the bowl and read the car registration no.
  • The game is to make words from these letters  for ex. if car number is DL 3C BU 2234 – the participant has to read it out as Delhi London 3 Calcutta Banana Umbrella 2234.
  • The team who is able to make words within the time will get ten points.
  • Keep on playing till all the car numbers are used.
  • Time limit is 30 seconds.


The team with maximum points is the winner !! This is fun party game as you will get to hear funny phrases.


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