Curious Balloon – Party Game

Polka Dot Balloon - 30 PcThings Required

  • Lots of  balloons
  • Two sets of  name slips of the players
  • One bowl

How To Play

  • Make two sets of slips of names of players.
  • Keep one set of slips in a bowl and give one name slip and one balloon to players.
  • The players have to put the slip in the balloon and blow the balloon.
  • As the music starts, all the players have to pass the balloons like passing the parcel game.
  • As the music stops, the host will take out one name slip from the bowl.
  • That player will burst the balloon and take out the slip from the balloon.
  • The twist of the game is that the  player whose name is on the balloon slip is OUT not the player who has busted  the balloon


The players who remains till the last wins !!


  1. Wow! It is just an amazing Fun idea. Great Post!

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