Curious Husband – Couple Party Game

Curious Husband - Couple Party GameThings Required

  • Make a list questions as below and get it photocopied as per the no. of couples
  • Pen/pencil as per the no. of couples
    1. What color lipstick is she wearing?
    2. What is the color of her dress?
    3. How many earrings is she wearing?
    4. What color sandals she is wearing?
    5. Is she wearing high heeled sandals?
    6. Is she wearing a watch?
    7. What is the brand of the watch?
    8. What is the color of her nail polish?
    9. Is she having long or short nails?
    10.  Is she wearing a nose-pin?
    11. Is she wearing  armlets?
    12. Is she carrying a purse?
    13. What is the color of her purse?
    14. How many 1000 Rs notes is she having in her purse right now?
    15. Is  she having key bunch in her purse?

How To Play

  • Let all the husbands sit in a circle and let all the wives hide in another room.
  • Give all the husbands above sheet and a pen.
  • The husbands have to try to recall and write maximum correct answers.
  • Time limit is one minute.


The couples who gets the maximum correct answers wins !!


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