Dance Of Colors – Holi Party Game


Things Required

  • 5 different holi color pakets as per the number of players
  • 5 paper chits
  • One bowl & one basket
  • Music

How To Play

  • Write red, green, yellow, pink and purple on five paper chits
  • Fold the chits and put them in the bowl
  • Keep all the colors in the basket and ask all the players to pick one packet
  • As the music starts all players have to start dancing
  • As the music stops the  host will pick one chit from the bowl and read out the name of the color
  • For example if the color is red all the players who are having red color packet  are considered to be OUT.
  • They also need to open their packets and put red color on everyone’s face
  • After every round reduce the number of packets for each color randomly (according to the number of OUT players)
  • Ask everyone to pick up one packet again & start the music
  • Continue the dance till one player is left 🙂

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