Dare To Cross Your Legs – Party Game

dare-to-cross-your-legs-party-gameNumber of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction. More the number of folks, more fun it is going to be.

Things required

  • Some Handkerchiefs/Napkins as per the number of participants

How to Play

  • Give one handkerchief to all the players and tell them not to cross their legs
  • As soon as any player crosses the legs, who ever caught him, will get his handkerchief
  • If any player who is having more than one Handkerchief/napkin crosses legs, will loose all the handkerchief to the one who has caught him.


Player who has the maximum handkerchiefs/napkins wins.

Most of us have this habit of crossing the legs. This is going to be a fun party game that will keep your guests engaged throughout the party as everybody is waiting for others to cross the legs by mistake. Do let us know if you choose to play this game, we would be glad to hear back from you…!! 🙂


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