Dimag Ki Batti Jalao – Kitty Party Game


Things Required

  • Photocopy of above picture or any other picture as per the no. of players
  • A list of questions as per the picture and pen for everyone

How To Play

  • Give this picture to everyone for one minute and tell them to observe it carefully and then take it back.
  • Give one list of questions which they have to answer in one minute. The question can be :
    • What is the color of the flower ?
    • Which side of the apply was a bite taken?
    • Did the elephant has big ears or small ears ?
    • How many legs you can see in the picture ?
    • What is the time in the clock ?
    • What is the color of the eye?
    • What was the no. written?
    • Was the bulb lit or not?
    • Which side the hand is pointing?


The one who writes the maximum correct answers wins.


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