Diwali Musical Chairs – Party Game

diwali_musical_chairs_party_gameThings Required

  • Chairs as per the number of players
  • Music to play
  • Make  small chits  and write the name of crackers on that chit for eg., anar, bijli bomb, time bomb, sparklers,chakras, rocket, hunter, ladis etc.

How To Play

  • Make a  circle of chairs with the backs of chairs towards inside of the circle.
  • There should be one less chair than the number of players playing the game.
  • Before starting the game, place one chit under each seat of the chair.
  • Put one set of chits in the bowl.
  • As the music starts, everyone will start moving around the circle.
  • As the music stops, everyone will sit but there will be one player left standing.
  • Now the player who is left without a chair, will pick one chit from the bowl and announce name of the cracker for eg. anar.
  • Now everybody will look under their chairs,
  • The people who are sitting on the chairs where anar is written, are OUT of the game
  • Remove same number of chairs as per the number of players are Out and can start the music again.


  1. What rubbish.. If same number of chairs will be out as per the person.. Then in second round the number of chairs leftover will be the same as the no. Of person left.. Diwali musical chair game u mentioned is illogical..!!
    If there is any sense in this game please clear it..!!

    • OKay..may be m not getting it try.. Please clear it to me as soon as possible.. My doubt if we put out the same no. Of chairs as per the person than one chair is of anar that will be out how to decide that another one chair..??
      And will 2 person be out In each round if we use 10 different crackers name on 10 chairs..??


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