Drop The Rose Petals – Party Game

group party gameThings Required

  • A basket of rose petals
  • Write 10-12  names under different categories like vegetables, fruits, birds, animals, colors etc.
  • Make copies of that list and give it everybody

How To Play

  • Let every one sit in a circle. Any one of the player can start the game
  • That player will hold a cup filled with rose petals.
  • He will then choose one category and tell  the category name  to everyone in the group for eg. Fruits. 
  • That player will think the name of  any of the fruits from the list. 
  • That player will start walking around the circle. 
  • He will stop near each player and the players have to  guess which fruit that person has thought off. 
  • If the guess is wrong,  that person will drop one or two rose petals on his head. 
  • If his guess is correct,  the player will dump all the rose petals on his head.
  • Then both the players will  run around the circle and be the first person to sit back on the chair and other will resume the game.
  • There should be one chair less than the number of players.

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