Eat The Smileys – Party Game


Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction more the no, of guests, more fun it is going to be.

Things Required

  • Fried ready to Cook Smiley(Mccain) available in market
  • A piece of string for each smiley¬† .

How to Play

  • Let one player sit on the chair and the other should stand behind the chair
  • The player standing at the back of chair has to hold the smiley by the attached string with his/her teeth.
  • The player who is standing has to lean forward so that the player who is sitting can reach the smiley.
  • As the time starts, the player sitting on the chair has to eat the smiley off the string
  • None of the player can use their hands.
  • Time limit is one minute.


The player who eats the maximum smileys wins !!

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