Floating Brinjals Kitty Party Game

one minute gameThings required

  • One big bowl filled with water
  • Toothpicks
  • Small brinjals

How To Play

  • Put all the brinjals in a bowl filled with water.
  • Give a pack of toothpicks to the player.
  • Each player gets one minute to prick the floating brinjals with toothpick.


Player who has pricked maximum number of brinjals with toothpick wins the game.


  1. Anad Sinha says:

    Cool game

  2. Can We Use Both The Hands In This Floating Brinjal Game?

  3. During the game , can a player, with tooth pick, push the brinjal to the bottom of the bowel and then pick the brinjal with tooth pick ??!!

  4. Hi Vinita,
    Yes you can use both hands, totally upto you 🙂



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