Floating Lemons – One Minute Party Game

floating lemons - one minute party gameThings Required

  • On bowl filled with water
  • One empty bowl
  • Lemons
  • Small towels or Tissue Papers
  • Swimming goggles (optional)

How To Play

  • Keep the bowl filled with water on a table and the empty bowl nearby.
  • Put lemons in the bowl filled with water.
  • Now each player has to hold his/her hands behind his/her back.
  • They have to try to pick up the lemons using their mouth & put them into the empty bowl.
  • You can optionally put lemon slices in the water filled bowl.
  • Give tissue papers and goggles (optional) to each player.
  • Time limit is one minute.


Whoever puts maximum lemon in the bowl in one minute wins.


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