Flower Quiz – Party Game

flower quiz party gameThings Required

  • Write below on a paper  some tips which represents a flower name and get it photocopied as per the number of players
    1. Flame of forest
    2. Brings life to a mud pond
    3. The first 3 letters mean a kitchen utensil
    4. Symbol of purity
    5. Donald Duck’s girlfriend
    6. A delicious vegetable of the winter
    7. It’s the coolest one
    8. You find it normally in villas
    9.  Begins with a happy mood
    10.  Used in abundance in marriages
    11. Flower of Jupiter
    12. A rainbow colour
    13.  Queen of night
    14. Indian emperor name
    15. Children love it the most
    16. Largest fundraising for cancer in Australia
    17. Japanese celebrate the arrival of spring
    18. Flower has the smallest seeds
    19. Flower bulb used in place of onions in cooking
    20. Symbol of love and beauty
    21. Receptacle for dairy product
  •  Pen/Pencil for every participant

How To Play

  • Give one question paper and a pen to each participant.
  • Each participant have to write answers of all these questions
  • Answers to above quiz are:
  • 1-Gulmohar, 2- Lotus, 3- Pansy, 4 – White Lily, 5- Daisy, 6-Sweet Pea, 7- IcePlant, 8-Bougainvillea, 9-Gladiolus, 10-Marigold, 11-Carnation, 12 Violet, 13- Raat Ki Rani, 14 – Ashoka, 15-Candytuft, 16-Daffodil,17-Cherry Blossom, 18-Ochid, 19- Tulip, 20- Rose, 21-Buttercup
  • Time limit is 2 minutes


The participant  who has written maximum correct answers wins !!

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