Flowers Tambola Game

flowers bingo gameThings Required

  • List of  45-50  flower   names  for ex. Rose, Lily, Lotus, Marigold, Sunflower, Tulip, Dahalia, Daffodil, Daisy,Jasmine, Hibisus, Water Lily, Creeper, Balsam, Motia, Hiptage. Poppy, Prickly Pear, Mangolia, Star glory, Crepe Jasmine,  Oleander, periwinkle,  Blue water Lily, Touch me not, Cobra Saffron etc.
  • Take print outs of below image as per the number of participants.
  • Write down 12 words in each ticket.
  • flowers bingo game

How To Play

  • Give one flower tambola ticket to every player.
  • Caller needs to announce one flower name at a time and strike it out on the list.
  • If that name called by caller exists on the player’s ticket, player has to strike it.
  • When all the four corners are cut, players have to say ‘Flowers have started blossoming’
  • For early five – players have to say ‘I have won garden of five senses’
  • For  all the  rows – players have to say ‘First bunch of flowers is mine’.
  • For full house – players have to say ‘Flowers are the sweetest thing God ever made’.
  • Game ends when all the prizes are  successfully claimed.


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