Fun With Alphabet Skills – Kids Party Game

spelling_madnessThings Required

  • An empty bottle,
  • A small bag  in which we have to keep small chits with different category names  like Flowers, City, Country, Fruits, Vegetable, Animal, Bird etc.

How To Play

  • Let all the children sit in a circle facing each other.
  • Place the empty bottle on the floor and spin around two times to see who will start each round.
  • Now spin the bottle to find the first player.
  • The first player will take out one chit from the bag, let say it is city. The first player will start by saying the city name for eg. Lucknow, next player Mumbai, next player  Calcutta
  • This will continue until someone is out.
  • The player is out if he take time more than 15 sec.or he is not able to  think of an answer or if  he repeats the answer.
  • Now again spin the bottle to find the next player.


The Child who remains till the last wins !!

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