Fun With Riddles – One Minute Paper Game


Things Required

  • Pen/pencil
  • Photocopies of sheet with below fun riddles
  1. Name a fruit which tells the man to go?
  2. Name a table which you cannot eat?
  3. Name a fruit which in hindi means to build?
  4. Name the rain where we can sit?
  5. Name the gate through which you cannot enter?
  6. Name a non-living object which moves with its three hands and it is found in every house?
  7. I am a Vegetable, three letters in the name,take away two and I sound quite the same. Who am I?
  8. I give you something to make your food, to drink, who am I?
  9. Name the mark in which people live?
  10. Name a non-living thing in which after the alphabet there is an owl?
  11. If I am used I start crying?
  12. I am so hot that if you put me in the fridge I do not become cold. Who am I?
  13. Which is the unmarried city?
  14. The stick which is neither used for walking not for beating?
  15. What is common between a dog and a tree?

How To Play

  • Give one pen and photocopied sheet of fun riddles to each player.
  • Each player have to write the answers.
  • Time limit is one minute
  • Correct answers are 1) Mango 2)Time-table 3) Banana 4) Train 5)Colgate 6)Clock 7) Pea 8)Water 9) Denmark 10)Bowl 11)Candle 12)Chilly 13)Kanya Kumari 14)Lipstick 15)Bark


The winner with maximum correct answer wins!!



  1. I love the way you described this one minute paper games. Thanks for sharing.

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