Gift Walk – Christmas Party Game

return_gift_ideasThings Required

  • 26 card board of size 12″ x12″
  • Small chits of alphabets A-Z
  • One Bowl
  • Lots of gifts
  • Music to play

How To Play

  • Write the alphabets from A-Z on 12” x12” board.
  • Keep them in a circle on the ground.
  • Also make small chits  of alphabets and keep them in a bowl in the middle of the circle.
  • Everyone has to stand on the alphabets.
  • As the music starts, everybody will start walking around the circle.
  • As the music stops, they will stand on the alphabets.
  • If the players are more than 26, then 2-3 players can also stand on one alphabets when music stops.
  • Now the host will pick a chit from the bowl and announce the alphabet.
  • The player or players standing on that alphabet will get a gift from the Santa Claus and all will be out of the game.
  • Put that chit back in the basket.
  •  game continues till everybody gets the gift.

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