Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016 – New Year Party Game


Things Required

  • Lots of balloons
  • Four slips with words written Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016
  • Blank slips according to the no. of balloons

How To Play

  • Take balloons as many as guests in the party.
  • Make 4 slips with words Goodbye 2015 Welcome 2016.
  • Put these four slips in the balloons while blowing them and put blank slips in other balloons.
  • Scatter them in the hall 5 minutes to 12 o’clock.
  • Tell everyone to grab one balloon.
  • As the clock strikes 12 everyone has to pop their balloons and take out the slips.
  • The guests who are having those four slips are the winners.

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