Guess& Sketch The Object – Party Game


 Things Required

  • A small bag full of some objects like ball, pencil, stapler, pen, an apple, a pack of biscuits etc.or according to the theme of the party
  • Drawing sheet and pen for all the players

How To Play

  • Divide the players in pairs.
  • Let them sit back to back.
  • Give the bag to one player and drawing sheet  and pen to other.
  • As the time starts, the player with the bag will take out one thing from the bag and explain the object for eg. for ball – it’s round object used for playing etc..
  • He is not allowed to name the object.
  • The second player will draw sketch  of the object  on the basis of description given by his partner.
  • Time limit is two minutes.
  • As the time is over, check the sketches  of the objects drawn.


  • The pair with maximum no. of correct sketches is the winner!!

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