Guess The Word – Kitty Party Game


 Things Required

  • A sheet with  some words which involves filling up blanks with hints given in bracket on a piece of paper. For example: C_ _W (I am a bird and black in color) ,  _ O_E_(Some people love to read me) In this example, the answers would be Crow and  Novel. Isn’t that simple yet interesting?
  • Pen/pencil
  • Some of the words can be as follows :
    1. E_ _P_ A _  T (Lives In The Jungle)
    2. _I_ T _N _  (Far Away)
    3. A _ _ I _T_ _T (One who helps)
    4.  E_ _P_A _ _ (A large edible vegetable  plant shaped like an egg)
    5. _ _OD_R_ _ T (A substance which removes unpleasant smell )
    6. _E _DA_ _ (a loose hanging piece of jewellery)
    7. M_ _ _H_NT (the one who trades the goods)
    8. _GN_R_ _T (lack of knowledge)
    9. G _ _ _T (Is Extraordinarily Large)
    10.  _ER _ _ _T (Works For A Master)
    11. E_ _GA_ T( Luxurious)
    12. P_ _ _IC_P_ _ T (One Who Takes Part)
    13. _ N_A_T (A Very Small Child)
    14. _ RI_ _ _ AN _ (Very Bright)
    15. _NS_A _T (Immediate)

How To Play

  • Give one sheet to all the players
  • The players have to fill in blanks according to the given hints.
  • Time limit one minute.


The one who writes the maximum wins.

Answers are 1.Elephant 2. Distant 3. Assistant 4.Eggplant 5. Deodorant 6. Pendant 7.Merchant 8. Ignorant 9. Giant 10. Servant 11. Elegant 12. Participant 13. Infant 14.Brilliant 15.Instant

This game can be played on any occasion. You can give hints according to the theme of the party!!


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