Happy-Go-Lucky – Kitty Party Game


Things Required

  • Paper chits as per the no.of ¬†players
  • Pen/pencil

How To Play

  • Give three small chits to everyone.
  • The players have to write their name on one chit and names of their family members on the other two chits for eg. husband name, son/daughter name etc.
  • Put all the chits in one bowl and mix them.
  • Start the game with any one of the players.
  • The player will take out one slip and open it.
  • She will announce the name and if it belongs to her family she will keep it otherwise she will give the same to the concerned player.
  • Now the next player will take out one slip and so on till any one gets all the three chits.


The player who is able to grab all the three chits at the earliest wins.

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