Hit The Target – Party Game

hit_the_targetThings Required

  1. 20 Things to be kept on the table
  2. 6 Ping pong balls

How to Play

  1. Place 20  things on a table with some distance in between them.
  2. Mark different points on bottom of each thing with a marker say 100, 80,60,40,20, 10,5,and 0.
  3. The player has to stand say approximately10 feet from the table.
  4. Give 6 ping pong balls to throw.
  5. If the ball touches the things kept on table, the points written on the bottom of that thing shall be noted.
  6. After the first player is done, arrange  all the things on table for the next player to play.
  7. Meanwhile, if you want you can interchange the allotted points of the things to create confusion for the other players.


The player who has collected maximum points by hitting the things is the winner.

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