Bollywood Musical – Party Game

bollywood musical party gameThings Required

  • A list of clues as given below

How to Play

  • Divide the guests into 2 or more groups with equal members.
  • The organizer shall askĀ  each group to sing a song as per the various hints given to them. Some hints are as below :
    1. Songs for festivals, say holi, rakhi etc.
    2. Songs starting with the last letter of the song sung by last group
    3. Songs pictured on bollywood couples, for example Amitabh and Rekha
    4. Triple letter-songs with same letter repeated thrice is to be sung, eg. dil,dil,dil or pal,pal,pal.
    5. Songs with names of ornaments in them e.g, jhumka, payal.
    6. Songs with names of birds/animals in them
    7. Title songs of movies
    8. Songs on theme, say dosti, dushmani etc.
    9. Songs with alphabets/numbers in them say abcd or ek, do, teen etc.
    10. Songs with some food items in it like paan, laddoo etc.
  • The group who is unable to sing the song as the hint given to them, the hint will be passed on to the next group
  • Assign some marks say 10 marks to the correct song and 5 marks if that group sing the song of another group
  • Every group shall get 2-3 chances to pass on the hint otherwise they will consideredĀ  as out.


The group who sings maximum correct songs and remains till the last will be the winner.

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