Holi Ke Rang Tesu Ke Sang – Couple Party Game


Number Of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction, as many as you want.

Things Required

  • Tesu ke Phool (available in the market during holi days)
  • Needle & Thread

How to Play

  • All the female partners have to sit on a chair at the finishing line say 15-20 feet from the starting line.
  • Give a small basket of tesu ke phool, a needle and thread to the male partners.
  • They have make a garland  of that phool and run to their female partners and put the garland  through her head


Player who manages to put the garland first  wins.After putting the garland male partners can put water on them so that tesu ke phool will leave their color and females will get colorful from head to toe. 😉


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