Holi Ki Ginti – One Minute Holi Game


Things Required

  • Photocopies/print out of picture for all the players
  • Pen/pencil

How To Play

  • Give one printout and pen to every players
  • The picture shows some holi related things for ex. balloons, gulal, pichkari etc,
  • The game is that every player has to¬† count the six things ie, no. of red balloons, green balloons,bowls of gulal, no. of pichkari, glasses of thandai and no. of gujiya and write them separately.
  • Time limit is one minute.


The player who is able to count and write the correct answers wins !!

Correct answers are Red balloons -22, Green balloons12, Bowls of gulal13, No.of Pichkari 14, Glasses of Thandai 7 and Gujiya 16


  1. anushita agarwal says:

    but where is the picture of the balloons.

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