Honey Do You Love Me – Valentine Party Game


Number of People Required To Play The Game

No restriction. More the number of couples, more fun it is going to be.

How to Play

  • All the female partners have to sit in a large circle.
  • Make small slips of names of the female partners and put it in a bowl.
  • Every male partner have to draw a name out of the bowl.
  • Male partner has to go to that female partner whose name has been drawn and sit near her knees and say “Honey I Love You, Give me smile”.
  • Female Partner have to say “Honey I Love You, but you can’t make me smile”.
  • She has to say these words without smiling otherwise they both are out.
  • The fun part of the game is that everybody has to create such an atmosphere to make the couple smile/laugh.


Male & Female who didn’t laugh or smile, need not be a couple 😉

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