Hot Or Cold – Party Game

hot or cold

Things Required

  • An object to hide or the prize

How To Play

  • Divide the players into pairs or couples can also play.
  • Either of the players will hide one objects or prize in the party hall.
  • After hiding, the second partner will come in the room and start searching as per the guidance given by the other partner.
  • The other partner will guide by using words ‘hot’ and cold’ for ex.
    • If your partner is not at all near to the hidden object he can say ‘cold, very cold’
    • If he is moving in the wrong direction he can say ‘freezing or icy’
    • If he is moving close to the object he can say ‘hot, hotter’
    • If he is coming near and near to the object he can say ‘burning or scorching’.


The pair or couple who is able to find the object in minimum time wins!!

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