Hubby Pet Names -Tambola Game

hubby pet names

Things Required

  • Paper and pencil for each player
  • One Sheet and chits containing  all the names given by the players.
  • One empty bowl

How To Play

  • Give paper and pencil to everyone with 30 small empty squares in them just like bingo ticket.
  • Now ask them to write 15 names (5 in each line) with whom either they call their husband or they have heard their friends calling their husband for eg.Sweetheart, Prince Charming, Rockstar, Romeo, Tiger, Angel, Baby, Bad boy, Big guy, Cutie pie, Darling,  Dear heart, Handsome, Heart throb, Hero, Honey, Honey buns, Ice man, Iron man, Lover, Lovey, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Right, Mr. Cool, My Dear Boy, My Love, Sweety Boy etc.
  • Then ask the participants to write the names which they have written on their tambola ticket on small chits and hand it over to caller.
  • After getting all the chits from all the participants put them in the bowl and mix it.
  • Start drawing the chits from the bowl and call out the name.
  • Caller is supposed to write on a piece of paper all the names which is calling out for verification.
  • Those who are having that particular name can strike it on their tambola ticket.
  • Game ends when all the prizes are successfully claimed.

There is  a probability that lot of duplicate names chits in the bowl so in that case if that name has already been cut, ignore that chit  and draw the next chit.


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