Ice Cream Tambola Game

icecream tambolaThings Required

  • Tambola board & tokens
  • Pen/pencil
  • Take printouts of below image as per the number of participants and write 12 random ice-cream flavors in each ticket.
  • icecream tambola

How To Play

  • Give one Ice Cream  tambola ticket to every participant.
  • Caller needs to announce one flavor  at a time and strike it out on the list.
  • If that ice cream flavour  called by Caller exists on the player’s ticket, player has to strike it.
  • When all the numbers in a particular section are cut, player has to inform it accordingly. For example:
    • For Amul Ice Cream , player has to say “Maine saree amul ki ice cream chakh li hai ”.
    • For Kwality Walls,  player has to say “Maine saree Kwality Walls  ki ice cream chakh li hai ”.
    • For Cream Bell, player has to say “Maine saree Cream Bell  ki ice cream chakh li hai ”.
    • For Mother Diary, player has say ‘Maine saree Mother Diary  ki ice cream chakh li hai ”
    • For early four ie. one no. in each section, players has to say ‘Maine sari ice creams ka anand le liya’
    • For full house, player has to say “Any time is Ice Cream Time”.
  • Game ends when all the sections and Full Houses are successfully claimed.


  1. Vanshika says:

    Hi, Can you provide the Flavour and Corresponding Number Sheet. As this looks incomplete housie.Can you elaborate with example how to make players play it.

  2. Hi Vanshika,

    There is no number sheet required – here the housie sheet is a list of ice-cream flavors of Amul, Mother Dairy, Cream Bell and Kwality Walls.

    1. You need to write any 12 ice-cream flavors out of the above list (3 of each brand) in each tambola ticket.
    2. Call the flavors from the sheet.
    3. If it exists on the participants ticket, she has to cut it and caller also has to cut it on the list.

    Let us know if there is still some confusion 🙂

  3. Hi , can u pls tell that v hve 2 make all d slips same for all d players

  4. Rashmi Goel says:

    This is too boring

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