Icebreak The Candies – New Year Party Game

aim_the_candy_bagThings Required

  • Lot of candies or gems
  • A list of ice breakers

How To Play

  • Let all the couples sit together.
  • Give 10 candies to each couple.
  • The game is that the host will say some ice breakers and the couple who fits in that will have to eat one candy.
  • The ice breakers can be :
    1. The one who is having a green purse,
    2. The one who is having a daughter older than 15 years,
    3. The couple who are wearing matching clothes,
    4. The one who are married more than 25 yrs. ,
    5. The one whose date of birth falls on 29th February,
    6. The one who is wearing a ring with six diamonds,
    7. The one who are having an age gap of two years,
    8. The one who is wearing red tie,
    9. The one who is having a tattoo on his body, etc.
  • You can look for more ice-breakers questions here.


The winners can be those who have either finished their candies or those who are left with maximum or minimum candies.

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