Identify Your Partners – Valentine’s Day Game

blindfold_loveThings Required

  • Soft music to play

How To play

  • Separate the male and female partners.
  • Blindfold all the ladies.
  • Let them walk along the room and search their male partners.
  • The ladies can touch the hands of the men to identify them.
  • To distract them start yelling, screaming, clapping or  put on some music.
  • The lady who gets his partner wrong gets a punishment.
  • Since it is a valentine party the punishment should be according to that for eg. kiss your partner five times, sit on your partner’s lap, hug your partner etc.
  • After all the females have done it,now it is the time to blindfold the male partners and do the same.


  • The partners who finds each other the fastest are the winners.

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