Innovative Word Game – Group Party Game

This fun game is submitted by Ladies Kitty reader Ekta Punjabi. Thanks to her for sharing this innovative & interesting game with us 🙂

spelling_madnessThings Required

  • Just a smart host who is quick to make everyone play the game 😉

How To Play

  • Host has to give a word say  ‘cloud’.
  • The player who will start the game has to think of a word starting with the last letter of the previous word and some relation to the previous word. In this case for example he/she can say Darkness.
  • The other player has to speak a word which is related to dark – Knight (double meaning here ;)).
  • This goes on & on.
  • The players have to speak instantly like say in 3 seconds otherwise they are out of the game.


The one who outstandingly beats the other players, i.e., the one who is left in the end wins the game.

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