Jumbled Rhymes – Birthday Party Game


Things Required

  • Jumbled nursery rhymes written on a paper – as per no. of children

How To Play

    • Write down first line of some nursery rhymes by shuffling the words. For example:
      • Witnlke wintnlke title rats-twinkle twinkle little star
      • Onyjh Onujh sey aaapp- Johny Jhony yes papa
      • Aab aab kclab peehs – baa baa black sheep
      • Kacj  dan lilj tenw pu eht illh – Jack and Jill went up the hill
      • Ytpmhu  dytpum tas no a lalw – Humpty Dumpty Sat on a wall
      • eno owt lekcub ym oehs – One two buckle my shoe.
      • Aginr aginr seros – Ringa ringa roses
      • Inar inar og waay – Rain rain go away
    • Give this paper to  every child and tell them to solve it.
    • Time limit is one minute


The child who solves the maximum rhymes wins !!

In this game children can have lot of  fun by remembering their childhood rhymes.!!

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