Jungle Theme Party For Kid’s Birthday Party

jungle_party_themeHaving a theme party is fun. The Jungle theme party is full of fun and adventure. The  jungle is a magnificent place to recreate for your own personal party. The party can be arranged in some party lawn or if you have your own lawn outside your house. You can start this party by lighting the bamboo torch.  While organizing a jungle theme party, keep the following things in mind :


  • Decorate the entrance with a banner “Welcome to Jungle’ and by placing large potted palms near the gate.
  • Hang some wild animal cutouts with strings around the party area.
  • To make your jungle theme party area paradise use some safari bunting flags, and some bamboo torches at the corners.
  • Spread some animal print balloons in the party area. Make some exotic looking flowers out of tissue paper.
  • Make some signs like ‘Do not feed the monkeys’, ‘Giraffe crossing’ ‘Please be safe’ etc.
  • Cluster a few coconuts, a bunch or two of bananas, a safari hat, and binoculars in the middle of the food table to create a centerpiece.
  • Add some jungle noises in the background with the lights turned low for a complete effect.
  • Drape green streamers from the walls and ceiling to resemble vines
  • Draw footprints of animals on the path with chalk as if the animal has just crossed that path.
  • Include a ‘swinging vine’ by attaching rope to a tree in the party area to which guests must swing over water.
  • Make arrangements in a corner for a monkeywala to show the cunning tricks and dance of monkey.
  • Also consider hiring a snake or reptile handler to come to your party to entertain and educate the children about different jungle animals.
  • Add some extra fun by arranging a bonfire In the middle of the party area.
  • Select jungle pattern paper plates, paper napkins, cups, tablecovers etc for the party

Dress Code

  • The ideal dress code would be any dress with animal printed on it.
  • Arrange some monkey caps, safari hats, toy binoculars, tiger, lion, zebra headbands made of different colored papers etc. and hand over to your guests as they arrive.
  • Kids can dress themselves as a flower or as their favorite jungle animal.
  • They can paint their face in a tribal or animal pattern.

Food Ideas

  • Serving party treats that complement your theme is fun for both the host and the guests.Cupcakes in the shape of little jungle animals,  party cake  in the shape of lion, the king of Jungle.
  • Animal crackers or animal shaped cookies or some banana chips.
  • Fruit snacks shaped like animals in animal shaped bowls.


  • Play some music and ask the kids to dance and tell them to freeze and pose like an animal as the music stops.
  • Hide some stuffed jungle wild toy animals in the party area and ask the kids to find them in one minute. The kid who brings the maximum toys is the winner.
  • Play some  music with animal noises and ask the kids to guess the animal.
  • Hide some toy animal in a box or bag and ask the kids to put their hands in the bag and feel the animal and name them.
  • Arrange for a candle race. Mark a starting and finishing line and ask all your guests to race with their lit candles in their hand. They have to reach the finishing line with their lighted candle.
  • Give six cards having names and pictures of some wild animals to every guests. They have to choose one card by placing their finger on that picture. The caller will name one of the animals and the guests who have kept their finger on that particular card are considered to be out. The game continues while others can watch. The winners can be more than one.
  • We can also keep a Fancy dress competition and ask all the children beforehand so that they can come dressed as cartoon characters such as Mogli, Bagheera etc.

 Return Gifts

  • Safari Hats, Toy binoculars
  • Jungle music CDs
  • Animal Planet DVDs
  • Stuffed animals
  • Jungle candy bags

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