Kangaroo Relay Race – Holi Party Game

water_balloonsThings Required

  • Water filled Balloons as per the number of participants

How To Play

  • Mark a starting line and a finishing line.
  • Give one water filled balloon to every player.
  • As the time starts, players have to keep the balloons between their knees, and run towards the finishing line like kangaroo.
  •  On reaching the finishing line, the player has to pop the water filled balloon with their hands and  say ‘Happy Holi’
  • In case the balloon falls in between, the player can either start it from the starting line or he should be considered OUT.


The player who finishes the kangaroo race at the earliest wins.


  1. Could you please tell me where you licensed my image of water balloons from? I have no record of it being licensed for use by Ladies Kitty.

    If you did not license it please remove the image and advise or if you wish to continue use please provide the use you would like and to whom an invoice should be sent.

    Thank you
    Pat Lynch

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