Key To Car Or Cycle – Kids Party Game


Things Required

  • One toy car and one toy cycle
  • One bunch of car keys
  • One bunch of cycle keys
  • 3 wooden identical  boxes
  • Some exciting prizes.

How To Play

  • Place all the three boxes on the table.
  • Boxes will contain the things either of the following manner :
    • Car – car key – cycle key
    • Car – cycle – car key
    • Cycle – car key – cycle key
    • Cycle – car  – cycle key
  • The host will call any two kids and ask them to choose one box each.
  • After opening the boxes  if the contents of the boxes match i.e car and car keys or cycle and cycle keys then they both Wins and if it does not match both the kids will be considered OUT.


Winners can be more than one pair.  We can play this game with adults also.

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